International Marketing and Translation

How do you mail internationally? Which markets are good and which are difficult? What do you need to do differently? How do you get your offer translated? We have helped dozens of companies expand internationally, from English-speaking markets into other languages, and from other languages into English.

We have organised campaigns all across Europe and North America, in Asia and Oceania. We are the international direct marketing experts.


Cultural differences

Short, punchy copy works in English-speaking markets, but the same words can seem rude or put off people in other countries (even near neighbours like France and Germany need a very different writing style). And if your offer was written in French or German , Italian or Spanish, you will need the copy to be rewritten for the shorter style that works in English.

If you want people to pay you, payment methods are very different in different countries (for example, credit card use is very small in some large European countries). You need help from someone who has the experience to know what to do. And when the offer is written, you need a good translation by a native speaker.



How do you organise a mailing in 3 languages to go to 5 different countries? How do you make sure the name and address data is in the right format and properly sorted? Do you use one single printer or one in each country? Where should the replies go? How do you organise customer support and telephone hotlines?



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