External mailing lists and list rentals

We are not list managers or list brokers, but we work with brokers to find third party mailing lists that could bring you new customers – and we can help you earn extra income from your list by renting it to others.


List broking – renting third party mailing lists

Your business can grow by finding new customers. You can rent mailing lists owned by third parties, and send your offer to get new customers. But which lists should you mail? How should you test? How do you find the right lists for your business?

We’ve managed international recruitment campaigns and have the contacts and experience to ensure your recruitment campaigns are successful.


List management – making the most of your own list

You may never have thought about renting your mailing list to other people, but it is an easy way to make extra profits. But how do you start? Where do you find people who might want to usen your list? What should you charge? Should you rent to competitors?

Our expertise means we can help you find a list manager and set a strategy that will maximise your income without damaging your own business.



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